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Design development

Bottle design plays an important role in creating brands for alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Brand development requires consistent and competent decisions. The aim of the whole work is a harmonious combination of all brand components: name, appearance, label, product packaging, etc., when each element becomes an integral part of a single whole.

Only in this case will it be possible to most effectively convey the brand’s main idea to the consumer, win his attention, and, as a result, make him loyal to your product.

We will work with you from scratch. If you already have an idea for the design of your containers, we will consult with you, clarify any obvious problems, and send them to production. If you do not have an idea, we will discuss in detail your needs, goals, and objectives and propose a concept that will satisfy your needs. With us you will receive a one-of-a-kind bottle, cosmetic jar, or any other glass product!
Design development process
Fill out a brief list
Discussion of technical task
To-scale draft of a bottle
Discussing technological subtleties with production, and selecting the optimal type of decoration
Design development
Analysis and study of the competition, selecting fonts and materials, creating visualization on a bottle, coordinating with the customer
Production preparation of the layout
Manufacturing and approval of the sample with the customer
Advantages of working with us
Many years experience
providing the highest quality
and uniqueness of the services provided
High level of design
both in-house and at the hands of
famous french partners
The best decoration technology
in Russia
Professionalism and quality control
of manufactured products
Foreign equipment
from the Italian firm “TECNO 5”, German
the English firm “GLASSCOAT”
Well-designed layouts for mutual promotion
for clients focused on ensuring continuous
growth of sales
High quality materials
which make it possible to achieve the best
Effective technology
for full staining of glass bottles
and dishes
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