Foiling is a printing process without first wetting the surface. During hot stamping, metal or colored pigments are transferred from the foil roll to the container using high temperature and pressure for final fixing. A wide range of colors and a combination of textures are available for this method of printing technique, including gloss, flicker, matte finish, and various holographic effects.

Advantages of working with us
Many years experience
providing the highest quality
and uniqueness of the services provided
High level of design
both in-house and at the hands of
famous french partners
The best decoration technology
in Russia
Professionalism and quality control
of manufactured products
Foreign equipment
from the Italian firm “TECNO 5”, German
the English firm “GLASSCOAT”
Well-designed layouts for mutual promotion
for clients focused on ensuring continuous
growth of sales
High quality materials
which make it possible to achieve the best
Effective technology
for full staining of glass bottles
and dishes
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